Things To Consider When Creating Your Advertising Material


When creating your advertising it is important that you know of the material you can use to print your designs on. This would depend on the amount you are willing to spend, the type of design you want to print and also the timeline you want the advertisement to be displayed.  The quality of the material used will impact the final result of the promotional material that you use in your branding. This in turn will have an impact on the perception held by customers and how they think of your business. So it is a good thing to know the material you can work with, the costs involved and the results it will provide.

Billboard signage is a sturdy material that you can use for temporary advertising and promotional use.  The material is made of corrugated plastic and iron and is a reliable source for short term solutions.  They come in 3mm & 5mm thicknesses and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. They are popularly known as sandwich boards as they can be interchanged or replaced with new ones on a regular basis. They are also very cost effective and can be used for full colour prints. However care needs to be take so that you do not keep these sign boards outside too long as they will warp and loose its shape when exposed to too much heat and water.

Acrylic: this is a clear glass like substance made out of plastics. It is known as a better substitute for glass as it is stronger and does not shatter when dropped.  In terms of cost they are considered economical and they are used for indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to indoors most often you will see these used in front of the company name or logo at the reception desk and when it comes to outdoor use they are most often used to make letters that are glued or fixed to fascia, panels or light-boxes.

Aluminium panels: also known as Alucobond, these composite panels are most popular in outdoor advertising and industrial cladding. The panels have two aluminium sheets sandwiched with a polyethylene core. They are cost effective and also lasts longer and has become the preferred choice for many businesses when it comes to outdoor advertising. They also come in many different colours and can be made in to any desired shape. They are also not heavy and durable in many weather conditions. Most often your logo or great pop up displaywill be printed on vinyl and then mounted on to the panels.

Vinyl: is one of the most commonly used advertising materials for indoor and outdoor use. Their durability and low cost nature has made them very popular for banners, stickers or even for adhesive needs.

The options and solutions available these days are endless, however one must do their background research before selecting a suitable material to create their branding material. This will aide in consistent and quality messages to be relayed to their customers.