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The hCG story in under 60 seconds

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG for short, is the key protein in the human body that ensures healthy fat metabolism. Clinical studies have revealed hCG is the essential substance that tells the body to fix the metabolic disorder that leads to abnormal fat gain.Unlike conventional weight loss methods that fail time and time again, hCG supplementation has been scientifically proven to trigger permanent fat loss the way nature intended.In fact, a diet supplemented with hCG is so effective that the body immediately begins to deal with fat in the most efficient way possible thereby helping you to reach the perfect weight for your frame rapidly and without harming your health in any way.  Oral hCG drops are the most popular hCG supplement. Just a few drops are placed under the tongue where they are easily absorbed. In fact, oral drops have become so popular that to meet rising demand numerous sources of oral hCG are popping up all over the world. Unfortunately, many are supplying extremely low grade products, some of which contain virtually no hCG at all. At best, these scams waste your money and reward you with zero healthy weight loss. At worst, such low grade products may cause you to gain more weight than what you started with. But when your diet is supplemented with real, authentic hCG you can expect fat loss results that are nothing short of phenomenal. Why play weight-loss guesswork by choosing inferior product quality? Here at hCG Diet Journey we solve this issue for you.

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Your hCG diet questions answered:

What does hCG do exactly?

The science required to answer this question is actually more extensive than we can cover on this page. Nonetheless, it is very interesting and definitely worth taking the time to understand. This is why each order receives a free copy of the “Pounds and Inches” manuscript written by world renowned physician Dr. Simeons. His manuscript fully explains the science of hCG and includes detailed findings from thousands of clinical hCG diet studies. But in very basic terms, hCG is the key substances required to inspire the hypothalamus gland to regulate your body’s metabolic rate. Your hypothalamus ultimately directs how the fat you consume is stored but, as you will read, sometimes it falls into disorder. People who can eat what they want and never get fat have no disorder, but those who gain unhealthy weight do. hCG supplementation helps to reset it back to the original way nature designed it to work – perfectly and in order.

Do you supply homeopathic hCG?

No. Each of our bottles will deliver 200 iu’s daily dosage of authentic hCG whereas nearly all homeopathic hCG products contain zero or very little hCG at all. In fact, homeopathic hCG bottles are actually labeled with an “X” code used to indicate how diluted the hCG content of the product is. A single “X” reflects a dilution rate of 1000 times. “3X” means the product has been diluted 3000 times in a row. “6X” means it has been diluted 6,000 times in a row, and so on. In real terms, homeopathic hCG often contains less than 0.00000000000000000001 grams of hCG. Unless you’re getting enough real hCG your diet simply won’t work and muscle lose will occur. For this reason we don’t supply homeopathic hCG because it just doesn’t work at releasing your abnormal fat and preserving your muscle the way our real, authentic oral hCG does.

Is your hCG premixed?

Yes. You can easily administer your drops straight out of the bottle without needing to worry about mixing it for yourself.

Do your hCG oral drops contain alcohol?

No. Some lower grade hCG products contain alcohol, but when you consider alcohol is a completely unnecessary ingredient of effective weight loss, why would you want your hCG drops to contain it? Rest easy with the knowledge that each bottle of hCG Diet Journey’s oral hCG contains no alcohol at all.

Do I need to refrigerate my bottles?

Yes. hCG must be refrigerated to maintain its freshness and shelf life (8+ weeks if kept refrigerated). hCG that doesn’t require refrigeration isn’t authentic. This is why we supply an Ice Cold Pack with every order to ensure your hCG is kept at optimum freshness until it arrives on your doorstep and you place it in the fridge.

What’s the correct dosage procedure?

Place 4 drops of hCG under the tongue and hold them there for up to 5 minutes (don’t swallow as the stomach will destroy the hCG). Perform this 3 times per day with equal intervals in between. Don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before or after you place the drops under your tongue. Women should wait until the end of their monthly period to begin their hCG diet and should cease taking drops during their next cycle (if it occurs prior to the end of their hCG diet program).

Do I need to limit my calories?

Yes. While on your hCG diet you will be required to drop your calorie intake to 500 calories per day.

Isn't a very low calorie diet unhealthy?

If you undertake a very low calorie diet without hCG supplementation or a low grade hCG product then yes, you are putting your health at risk. A “calorie” is a measurement of energy. Most of the time you get this energy from what you consume. When you’re not consuming enough, your body basically eats itself to obtain the energy it needs and no, that’s not good. Without hCG your muscles will break down, your essential healthy fats will follow, and your body might even take to eating into its own organs. The scales will show massive short term weight loss but what you’re really losing is the healthy weight you don’t want to lose, including valuable muscle tone. A hCG supplemented diet does the opposite, influencing your body to draw all of its energy only from your abnormal and excess fat, leaving your muscles and organs functioning healthily. hCG is the only healthy way to drop your pounds fast.

How long do I have to stick to the hCG diet?

Not long at all. The main reason why an hCG diet is a short term diet is because in a very short space of time your unwanted abnormal fat will be gone. If you stayed on the diet your body would then start burning your healthy weight to get its energy. So, your diet is short to ensure once your abnormal fat is gone your body can start getting its energy entirely from food again. It usually takes a single hCG diet cycle of only 26 days to get to this point or 42 days if you have more than 25 pounds of fat to lose. If you are unable to lose all of your unhealthy weight by the end of your first cycle it may be necessary to repeat the diet for a second cycle. In this case you’ll need to take a break from dieting first (3 weeks between the 26 day program or 6 weeks between the 42 day program). This prevents you from developing an immunity to the benefits of hCG supplementation. Whether one cycle or two is what you need, either way your hCG diet remains extremely short term.

What exercise do I need to perform?

There is no specific exercise required on a hCG diet since the diet itself corrects the issue of fat storage at its core without the need for physical activity at all. Of course, to suggest you shouldn’t exercise at all would be irresponsible as exercise most definitely delivers a host of other benefits beyond the issue of fat loss. Fortunately most hCG dieters find that as they lose their unwanted weight they begin to feel great and before long are compelled to get out and do more with their newfound energy and physical capability.

Are there any side effects from hCG?

hCG is side-effect free. hCG has also been demonstrated to have no effect when used in combination with the vast majority of medications (including birth control). However, if you are taking medications it is advisable to check with your prescription Doctor before undertaking your hCG diet. Some people occasionally report slight headaches during the first 7 days of their initial diet cycle. People who are prone to migraines may also find themselves more susceptible to experiencing a migraine in the first 7 days. These issues may relate to the sudden switch to a low calorie diet as there is no scientific evidence of a relation between hCG itself and headaches of any kind. Such headaches are also known to occur on conventional low calorie diets. Note that if you are one of the few to experience an initial slight headache there are easy remedies and, more importantly, dieters report they don’t last.

Is a hCG diet for everyone?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, young or old as nearly everyone can safely undertake a hCG diet. However, pregnant or nursing women or people suffering a debilitating illness such as heart disease or cancer must not undertake a hCG diet. Very young children should also not undertake a hCG diet. It is always recommended that your Doctor be consulted for any weight loss program you intend to undertake and a hCG diet is no exception.

How much weight will I lose?

When you correctly follow a hCG diet plan you don’t just lose weight, you lose the right weight. Rather than risk your health by depleting your muscles, organs or water levels, a hCG diet will target only abnormal fat and that’s really what you want. So how much of your unwanted fat will you lose? Most men report a loss of 1- 3 pounds per day. Most women report a loss of 0.5 to 1 pound per day. With such massive fat loss it won’t take long for you to lose all your unwanted unhealthy weight.

Won’t I just regain the fat once I stop my hCG diet?

No, and this is why the hCG diet is so effective and popular. In fact, up to 90% of hCG dieters claim they are easily able to stay at their newfound healthy weight once their hCG diet has run its initial course. One of the reasons this is true is because hCG diet supplementation helps to reset the body back to its natural healthy fat metabolizing capability. A hCG diet helps your body to reach a state where it can more effectively control hunger while simultaneously burning abnormal fat faster. In other words, it guides your body system to a level that assists you to control what you eat while processing the fat content of what you do eat more efficiently. Your diet time resets your body into a finely tuned fat burning system; once the cycle ends the changes to your perfect shape remain.

How is it possible I won’t get hunger cravings?

Here’s where a hCG diet shines. hCG supplementation actively suppresses food cravings. Hunger cravings primarily relate to the need of the body for energy. But on a hCG diet, your energy requirements are completely fulfilled thanks to rapid fat metabolism. Even though you’re only consuming 500 calories while on the diet, your body actually receives thousands of calories to meet its energy requirements from the fat that is being broken down. Once the diet ends this status quo remains because your body has been re-tuned to take its energy from excess fat rather than store it. Even once you start eating normally again you’ll find yourself feeling less hunger cravings than you did before the hCG diet because your body now burns fat for energy as a priority over storing it for later use. Remember, a hCG diet isn’t simply a diet, it’s a scientific process for resetting your system into optimum fat burning mode that extends beyond the diet itself.

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Authentic Bottled Oral hCG Drops

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What you’ll receive:

Bottled authentic oral hCG diet drops 1 oz each bottle.

* If you have less than 25 pounds of fat to lose a 26 day hCG diet program is recommended. A single bottle of real oral hCG drops will suit you.

* If you have more than 25 pounds of fat to lose a 42 day hCG diet program is recommended. You’ll need two bottles of real oral hCG drops.

Note: If you spill a drop or two here and there, don’t panic! A single bottle actually contains around 30 days of recommended dosage (4 drops 3 times per day) to make sure you’ll still have enough hCG to complete your program correctly. Whether you order 1 bottle or 2, each bottle contains:

* The highest potency hCG proprietary blend

Every drop of our hCG contains a proprietary blend of authentic hCG and Vitamin B-12 designed to ensure you get the maximum fat loss from the highest potency formula.

* 200 iu’s of real hCG per daily dosage

The recommended dose of 4 drops 3 times per day will deliver you around 200 iu’s of hCG daily. On a 26 day program that’s around 4,600 iu’s of hCG. Since sublingual oral drop absorption rates vary to as low as 85%, each bottle is packed with 200 iu’s of hCG per daily dosage making sure you’ll always absorb the levels of hCG you need, each and every dose.

* An Ice Cold Pack for freshness

All oral hCG bottles are shipped with an Ice Cold Pack to ensure they are kept at a minimum temperature for peak freshness and integrity. If it doesn’t need to be kept cold, it isn’t real hCG.

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Ship to US & Military Address Only

Shipments via UPS

(UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends)

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Completely FREE:

EPT hCG test strip – shipped with order

We guarantee you only the best, authentic oral hCG drops and to prove it we supply a test strip with every order so you can verify your Oral hCG drops contain real hCG. Only with authentic hCG can your diet be a success.

hCG diet cookbook- immediate download

You won’t be left wondering what you can and can’t eat while on your hCG diet. Every order receives an incredible 197 page cookbook containing almost 200 easy to prepare and tasty to eat hCG diet friendly recipes.

The original “Pounds and Inches” manuscript – immediate download

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons is the world renowned Physician who discovered the relation between hCG and perfect weight. Receive your very own copy of his original and detailed presentation to the world of his clinical findings.

Weight loss tracker – immediate download

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the weight peel off your frame day by day. With this easy weight loss tracker you’ll be able to see at a glance just how incredible your weight loss journey is shaping up.

Calorie Counter – immediate download

Every dieter needs to count their calories and hCG diets are no different. With your free bonus Calories Counter you’ll be able to keep track of your eating habits with ease.

And we’ll provide you FREE help and support:

Oral hCG diet instructions -immediate download

A true hCG diet works wonders in a very short space of time and is easy to put into action. To make it even easier, you’ll receive complete detailed instructions to ensure you’ll always know exactly what you need to do and when. You’ll never have to guess what to do next.

Support Tips and Help

While everything you need is supplied, we’re all unique and often have different questions that relate to our different circumstances. A great free bonus when you order with hCG Body Shaper is that we make ourselves available to answer your questions. Feel safe with the knowledge that we’re only as far away as your internet keyboard.

With one simple order you’ll receive everything you need to lose all the weight you want fast, easy, and in the healthiest possible way as intended by nature.

That’s the hCG Body Shaper guarantee, we provide you all the support and help you need.

Ship to US & Military Address Only

shipments via UPS

(UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends)

AK and HI sent via USPS

For Canadian Residence IF you live near the US borader YOU can Drop Ship To The US and Drive and Pick UP. YOU have to make arrangements. We DO NOT. Please Email as your order has to be taken via phone only.

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