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Get Started with hCG Body Shaper

  1. If you haven’t already talked to someone about the program, read the book “Pounds and Inches” by Dr. ATW Simeon. (To Read Click Here) This will give you great information about the hCG weight loss program.
  1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page. (Click Here)
  1. Decide how much weight you want to lose, then order the right amount of hCG Body Shaper.
    1. Up to 25 pounds – Order the 26 Day program. (One Round)
    2. Over 25 pounds – Order the 40 Day program.  (One Round)
    3. If you will need to do two or more rounds to lose the total amount of weight you want DO NOT order the second round with the first round. (hCG begins losing its potency after 60-75 days.) Any Questions contact the hCG Body Shaper Forum on Facebook.
  1. Make up your mind that with the help of the hCG you will maintain a daily calorie intake of no more than 500 calories. NO CHEATING – NO EXCEPTION! If you aren’t willing to commit to eating chicken and fish with a single vegetable for 3 to 5 weeks – don’t waste your money. (Check with the people that have lost weight successfully with hCG and they will tell you that you will not feel hungry even though you are eating so little calories.)
  1. ORDER THE hCG BODY SHAPER!   We offer the most potent hCG for the money than anyone else on the Internet. Over 200 IU per day.
  1. While you are waiting for your hCG, make a plan! Prepare to buy the proper foods and have them on hand. When your product comes in begin the program. (It is important to follow each phase exactly!)
  1. Binge Phase: For two days take the hCG Body Shaper drops at the prescribed time and eat like a pig! This goes totally against conventional weight loss programs but it is NECESSARY. Yes, you will gain some weight. However, you will lose it as soon as you begin the 500 calorie a day diet.
  2. Phase One: Day three, begin the diet. 500 calories a day and maintain it for either 21 days or 35 days depending on which program you chose. (Check out the Recipes and tips)
  3. Phase Two: At the end of the 23rd or the 37th day stop taking hCG Body Shaper but continue the 500 calorie diet for three days.
  4. Phase Three: This is the maintenance phase. It is what resets your metabolism so you don’t regain the weight. For three weeks you may eat 1500 calories per day excluding starch and sugar. Fat is okay.
  5. Once Phase Three is over eat healthy and don’t overdo the pastries, sweets or starches.
  1. If you need to do another round wait an additional three weeks. This prevents your body from becoming immune to the hCG and helps you lose the optimal amount of weight during rounds 2, 3 or more.

Remember indecision is a decision! Order hCG Body Shaper Today!

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