What Makes Or Breaks A Show

Most people feel that what makes a movie good or bad is the actors that play in the movie. The way they present themselves and portray the characters that they are representing. Because they feel like these people ply the biggest role with the success of the film or show. Because at the end of the day it is their faces that people end up seeing on the big screen or on their televisions. But there also other people who feel that the people behind the scenes contribute in a big way to the success story of the movie or show. Such as the director, the producer, the script writer, the cinematographer and so on. there are a lot of people who come together in order to make a movie or TV show work. to pull it all together. And this is what we can call a real huge team effort. Because the final result is something that everyone has worked hard for. However if you want to know the real truth behind the success of these movies and TV shows, it not any of the people who were mentioned above. The people who decide the fate of these shows is the audience. That’s right. The people who end up viewing the show are actually the people who make or break it. Because all of these shows undergo pilot testing by the various channels that are going to air them in order to see which shows they are going to opt for and which one they are going to scrap off. Be it shows which require the channel to play audience response devices or reality shows, all of them have to be tested in front of a live audience in order to gauge the rate of response form this test audience that the channel is using.

And if it turns out that the show was a hit amongst this test audience then the show is given a green signal. But if the show fails miserably then channels will decide to scrap it off and opt for something else. And it must be mentioned that these days a lot of shows which require live audience polling have become quite popular and are bringing in some of the most highest ratings of all the TV shows that are being aired. This shows that people are loving these types of shows.So in the end when it comes to TV shows it’s ultimately the people who make this test group that decide the fate of it.