Picking The Little Girl With The Flowers

When it comes to picking the bridal retinue, there are many factors to consider. Some prefer to have only a few individuals in the group, while others would like the bridals aides to be many as possible.

In this very important group of people one key person, though may be little, is the flower girl or girls. In many traditional weddings they become a very key part of the ceremony. Because it is usually a little human that fits this role, many couples tend to keep this decision till very late. However this is not a good option, and wedding planning experts suggest that deciding on who will fit this role needs to be carefully decided. An early decision will also help in demining the number of girls used and the, flower girl dresses Australia online that will need to be acquired.

A flower girl is usually a close member of the family, either of the groom or bride’s side. Sometimes it is the sister of the bride or the groom, niece or a child of a friend. The age group is usually between 6- 10. Traditionally this girl is said to symbolise the bride as she moves through different stages of her life, fro child to woman, wife and a mother. It is said that historically in many civilisations, girls bearing flowers or scattering flowers and herbs during a wedding ceremony was used to symbolise blessing of fertility.

In terms of the procession or the order of the bridal party, the girls will usually go before the bride scattering flowers down the isle. Their dresses would ideally be similar to the bridesmaid dresses in a smaller size or a simmilar shade. They are mostly found in bridal shops or even in party wear shops. But if you are getting all attire of the retinue tailored, then getting the smaller dresses done at the same place is the best. It is also important to think of the comfort of the little ones when making decisions about their attire. Though satin and gauze may be pretty, they can sometimes be too hot or too itchy for young ones and make them very uncomfortable. It is also important to make sure that they are dressed last in order to make sure that they keep the dress and hair in order. Having more than one flower girl is also said to work better as kids sometimes get nervous on their own and when there is too much attention on them. Visit https://www.olegcassinistore.com/all-wedding-dresses if you are looking for wedding dresses.

To make it less stressful on for her on the big day, it is important that couples organise sufficient rehearsals so that the little girl or girls will understand what needs to be done, and how she has to behave. Not asking the little ones to do too many activities such as posing for a lot of photos should be made minimum, as this would lead them to be very cranky towards the end of the day.

A flower girls role is one of the most endearing and lovable, so make sure you include one or two in your retinue bit with adequate consideration for their comfort.