How To Use A Credit Card At Vending Machine

The phrase, “cashless vending” can create a lot of payment options in your mind. Some might think of mobile payment, closed campus systems, loyalty card programs, closed network cards, interned based systems, biometric identification, or pre-paid cards. However, the most common type of payment while using vending machines for sale in Australia is through credit cards. Making payments through credit cards is now becoming everyone’s thing. Paying with credit cards is very easy, there is no technical knowledge required. All you have to do is just swipe and you get what you want. However, using credit cards at vending machines requires a little know-how. The reason behind this is that, there are steps to everything and when those steps are not done right, somethings can go wrong. So, with a little help, you can definitely learn how to use credit cards at vending machines in no time. There are some vending machines that are now taking credit cards. If you are one of those people who have no idea how that can be possible then, by reading some tips you can know how. Following are some tips that will knowledge you how to use a credit card at a vending machine when you have no cash available or whatsoever. For more information, please log on to

  1. Determine if the card you have is set up for charging rights: Look at the machine reader and know what type of cards the vending machine will take. There are some vending machines that don’t take ATM cards and this is stated on the machine itself. Whatever the card it accepts, it is stated on the vending machine. 
  1. Look at the card reader for a while, to make sure your card will be taken: All credit cards or debit cards come with different kinds of insignias such as, MasterCard, American Express, Express, Visa, etc. Check if the insignia on the card matches the insignia on the vending machine. 
  1. Take a look at the card reader to see what way you should swipe your card: Sometimes card readers say to swipe the magnetic strip to left and sometimes to the right.  
  1. How to swipe it: Swipe the card into the reader from the top to the bottom of the reader, and wait for the reader to respond that you have been approved.  
  1. Make your selection and wait for the item to be dispensed: Type the code of the item that you selected on the keypad that you are given to write your item code in. Write the code of the item right after you’ve submitted the cash/card.  
  1. Repeat this process for as many times as you want to buy an item: However, there are some companies that will combine your charges into one and create a larger charge.  
  1. When you’re done: Once you have received your item and paid the cash, press the button that is marked ‘End’ on the card reader, to make sure that your card cannot be used by unauthorized users.  vending-machines-sale